SOLD   "Crossing the Fence Line"

SOLD "Crossing the Fence Line"

SOLD   "Crossing the Fence Line"

Original acrylic painting on canvas, 28" high x 22" wide x 1" deep.

As human beings we sometimes "cross the line" with our behavior. These three creatures are looking a bit guilty as they sneak away from...well...from whatever mischief they got into. Been there, done that!

Each of my paintings is a collection of underpaintings. I build up layers of paint and texture before I introduce a figure. This provides a rich backdrop for the image to live on. It also helps me to mentally prepare for the story I'm about to tell.

I use symbolism to communicate my thoughts and ideas. The symbols I use create a pictorial language that I share with my audience. Each piece is a unique expression of my response to my inner world and the world around me.

SOLD   "Crossing the Fence Line"