SOLD  "Pick Your Poison"

SOLD "Pick Your Poison"

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SOLD   "Pick Your Poison"

Available through RiverSea Gallery, Astoria, OR

3-D ceramic sculpture, 18.5" x 8" x 5" diameter. $950.

There is no front or back, instead the drawings continue around the piece providing a fun view of different images and textural elements from all vantage points. This makes it two sculptures in one, by rotating the piece you get two different drawings/paintings and a fun story to piece together!

This "Urban Kachina" is part of a series. It is made using clay coils. This "coiling" technique permits more control of the clay walls as they are built up, allowing the vessel to bulge outward or narrow inward with less danger of collapsing. The clay is rolled out until it forms a long roll/coil. Then, by placing one coil on top of another, different shapes can be formed, a rather slow meticulous forming method but worth it!

I enjoy the combination of clay vessel with painted images, I get the best of two worlds, clay and painting.


SOLD  "Pick Your Poison"